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Maldives Pen Pals

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Scouts letters to Maldives Scouts

Our letters to the Scouts in the Maldives have been posted and are on the way to the Indian Ocean. In December 2020 – one of their lockdown sessions was to have a online meeting with the scouts in the Maldives.

Normally we could not keep their cameras on in sessions, but on this one – they were all excited and interested in finding out more about their counterparts in another country.

2 hours later and the were still talking. The ongoing element of this getting the Scouts to write letters to each other using pens and paper, yes that old technology.

hopefully this will start a burgeoning friendship both for the groups and the young people involved.

If you would like your child to join the beavers or if you would like to be a volunteer and support young people with lifeskills please get in touch with us here

Muslim Beavers St Albans

Beavers Escape Room

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Akela had been locked in the conservatory by a the mischievous Teddy, and had hidden the key in a jar. He had left some clues to find the key.

the clues revealed some letters that led to the location of the missing.

All he had on to help him was a phone and some beavers on the zoom call to help him escape to get his water.

Luckily 15 mins later and 9 clues later they answered all the riddles and found the key…

Mr teddy was giggling in the corner…

Todays activity was based around teamwork, and codebreaking and will count towards their skills badge.

If you would like your child to join the beavers or if you would like to be a volunteer and support young people with lifeskills please get in touch with us here

Community Cakes

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SOPWELL COMMUNITY TRUST have asked to help bake cakes for members of the community who are elderly and isolating and need cheering up. Last week they delivered 227 cakes and would like our help this week.

PLEASE JOIN in a and put a small smile on people’s faces. This what you need todo.

Please kindly provide the GSL with the following info: – no of cake boxes you will be filling this week- cake flavours- insert your name against the date and time when you will be dropping off the cakes.

Boxes foe cakes can be collected from at any time – There is a container on porch and one outside the unit with allergen labels, boxes, postcards and envelopes for the children’s notes – please help yourselves. Using the boxes reduces food handling.

WE annot leave cakes on doorsteps wrapped in clingfilm nor foil. Due to food safety and hygiene implications.

Please attach the postcard to the top of the boxes once you have filled them.

Drop off timings and location for the cakes this week are as follows:
–  Wednes 10am – 12.30pm @ Unit 9, The Enterprise Centre, AL3 6EN

Please kindly note the change of timings and location for this week. 

Things to know
You don’t need a hygiene certificate to get involved, just some common sense guidelines to follow here:

please note they are unable to accept cakes that are not labelled with allergen info. So please please collect all relevant labels when collection boxes.

No fresh cream/buttercream/fondant please.

The elderly have modest appetites and prefer traditional flavours such as:- fruit inc apple/pear/rhubarb/apricot- elderflower- victoria sponge- lemon drizzle

We have received requests for gluten free treats, so if you can these would be welcomed. If baking biscuits/flapjacks please keep on the soft side.



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The Beavers Colony normally we normally be treated to an exciting nights away weekend to experience the great outdoors. Unfortunately due to lockdown we had to improvise and explore the great indoors.

Our beavers made Dens, slept in them overnight. We had a virtual campfire and told spooky stories via zoom.

In the morning we had a cooking a long lead by a parent helper and and they all made fluffy American style pancakes.