What are Squirrels?

Squirrels are the youngest members of the Scout family made up of girls and boys aged 4 to 5. Easily recognised by their red tops, they think big, try new things, and have fun.

Young people can join Squirrels in the three months leading up to their fourth birthday. When they are ready, they can move up to the next section, Beaver Scouts, around their sixth birthday.

What do Squirrels get up to?

A Squirrel’s time in the ‘drey’ is packed full of fun, games, and activities as they hop, skip and jump their way through anything they do. No two weeks are the same: exploring the great outdoors, learning new things, and even helping others in their own way.

We think these early years are amazing for later life: minds are fizzing and energy levels are sky-high. They’re experts at dreaming big while looking for anything that fills their life with wow and wonders.

Putting the pieces together.

Squirrels only happen thanks to our volunteers who sing the songs, tell the stories and lead the way. There are Squirrel dreys in a number of places in Hampshire however we are launching even more soon.

As well as making and living by their promise, Squirrels work towards badges and awards like any other Scout. Trying new things and having fun is our focus for us and we’re working with the best to give them the best possible start.

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