Badge positions – a quick guide to help you.

badges and where they go!!

Your ‘quick as I can’ essential guide to where to sew your badges

It is always complicated knowing where all the badges go and what to transfer from a Beaver to a Cub uniform or from Cubs to Scouts. Well before you do any sewing read this essential guide to where to put them and what they all mean. And please don’t despair! Read this guide now so you don’t sew the badges in the wrong place! We’re here to save you time and tears!

The Beavers

Beavers_Uniform Muslim Scouts St Albans

The Cubs

Cubs_Uniform Muslim Scouts St Albans

The Scouts

Scouts Muslim Scouts St Albans

The Explorers

Explorer _Uniform Muslim Scouts St Albans

Gold Chief Scout Award >>

Badges Explained

There are basically two sets of badges. Badges that are specific to your Section such as ones that only go on a Beaver, Cub or Scout uniform and should not appear on other uniforms and those that appear the same across the Scout Group and can be transferred or worn on all Section uniforms.

The different types of badges are:

Group Badges (all sections e.g. Beavers, Cubs or Scouts)

Group Name Badge – 1st Orwell Scouts name tape (right arm)

District Badge/County Badge – Royston District/Hertfordshire County (right arm)

Membership Badge – Scout Association Badge (left chest below other badges)

Transferable Badges

Chief Scout’s Award – Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum/Diamond/Queen’s Scout (right chest above Challenge Badges)

Bronze Chief Scout Award >>

Silver Chief Scout Award >>

Gold Chief Scout Award >>

Special Occasional Badges – Important badges such as Cub100 badge or a special camp, maybe 1 badge at most and rest sewn on blanket (left chest sewn above all other badges)

Joining in Awards – Year 1, Year 2, etc. badge given for each year you have been a member of the Scout Association. Only show the latest year and are transferred (left chest above Membership Award)

Beaver Joining in Awards >>

Cub Joining in Awards >>

Scout Joining in Awards >>

Staged Activity Awards – These are light blue, round badges and are worn on a Beaver, Cub or Scout uniforms, whatever is the greater number. For example a Nights Away Staged Activity Badge shows the number of nights away with a 1 for 1 night away and is superseded with 5 nights away etc. They are transferable and supersede each other. Show the latest badge and take off old badges (left arm)

Specific to the Section Badges

Challenge Badges – Specific to Beaver, Cubs or Scouts and are different in each Section. They are not transferable and are only worn in that Section. For example a Beaver will work towards 6 maroon Challenge Badges over the two years they are a Beaver. At the end of their time as a Beaver they will achieve all these badges and be awarded their Bronze Scout Award. This award is sewn onto their Beaver uniform until they leave Beavers and move to Cubs where they wear it on their Cub uniform until a time in which they achieve all their Cub Challenge Award Badges and can be awarded their Silver Scout Award. (right chest)

Moving on Award – They are a badge that shows that a child has moved from a Beaver Colony to a Cub Pack or a Cub Pack to a Scout Troop etc. So when one is awarded it can be worn on that current uniform (Beavers do not have a badge) (right chest above Chief Scout Award)

Activity Badges – Specific to the Section. They are not transferable. (left arm)

Leadership Stripes – These are awarded when a Beaver for example get to become a Lodge Leaver or Lodge Assistant Leader or a Cub becomes a Sixer or Seconder (worn above the Moving on Award, right chest)

Further Reference

Refer to the Scout Association website if this is still not clear!! Trust me it isn’t as complicated as it looks and you will get the hang of it!!

Beaver Badges >>

Cub Badges >>

Scout Badges >>

Good Luck!!

Please pass on to those who need to know (Aunties, Uncles, Grannies, Granddads!!)

(Disclaimer: please do not hold me to account if there are any errors forthwith. Please argue among yourselves and please not with me, but I know you’re kind fellows and won’t blame me if you or I get their left and right mixed up!!)

And I do personally recommend the good old thoroughly time consuming method of needle and thread! Always rectifiable…