This is a standard camp kit list which is essential for all camps. Please ensure that when packing you pack additional items if required for seasonal changes and of course the unpredictable British weather.


Essential / Compulsory 

 Rucksack with inner bag liner  (If you want a more economical alternative to a liner use a thick black bin liner to keep the inner waterproof)  
  Group Necker   

  Uniform (unless otherwise instructed by leaders)  

 Sleeping Bag    (Minimum 3 seasons)  ( please see this blog on choosing a sleeping bag)

 Ground Mat  ( how to choose a sleeping mat/ground mat
 lightweight travel prayer mat if possible. 

 Water Bottle (Very Very Very important) – No glass bottles 

 Plastic or enamel Platebowl, mug, and cutlery  (place in a zip lock bag) 

 Tea towel, washing up sponge (place in the zip lock bag)

 Torch and spare batteries

 Wash bag (toothbrush, toothpaste, Flannel etc)


 Medications as needed (please give to your leaders on arrival at campsite)

  2 Plastic Bag (to separate wet, and dirty clothes on return)
◉  small day rucksack/ 

 Packet of travel tissues

 A Travel Game/ Book



Minimum Clothes 

While this is the minimum please ensure there is an option of spare clothes for them ideally two of each item. You know your child and what they need. 

 Warm Jumper/fleece /  long-sleeve top

 Trousers for both boys and girls ( Ideally cargo or utility trousers) 

 Underwear (enough for the weekend and for smaller ones extra for emergencies) 

 Socks (also socks for sleeping in help keep them warm) 

 Pyjamas/night clothes

 Waterproof Coat and or Trousers (essential for British summertime if it rains)   

 Beenie/ Baseball cap/Small Sun Hat ( a woolly beanie is a good idea for sleeping in) 

  Hijab or Headscrve for Salah 

  Solid outdoor shoes / Hiking Shoes (how to choose the right camp shoes) 

  Trainers that will get muddy and Very Smelly

Optional Items 

 Small Pillow

 Insect repellent 

 Sun Cream

 Small Cuddly Toy (Optional for all ages even leaders)

 Notebook and pencil or two ( Not a full pencil case!)

 Personal first aid kit ( this can be a homemade one with a couple of plasters, cotton wool, wet wipes) 

  • Please note
  1. This equipment should be packed ideally in a rucksack, if a rucksack is not possible an easy-to-carry duffle bag with a shoulder strap will do (suitcases must not be used.  A suitcase is not ideal, they are cumbersome and young ones will find it difficult to carry).
  2. One per Cub Scout; All equipment should be inside the bag with no loose items or carrier bags for “spillover items”
  3. Please pack the bag with your son or daughter so they have some idea of what they have packed and what it looks like.
  4. All items must be labelled clearly with the young person’s name. ideally, use a Sharpie or permanent marker, stickers are not a good idea.
  5. Medications must be labelled clearly with the child’s name, dose and frequency of medication.
  6. For various reasons, we do not permit Young People ( Except Explorers and Young Leaders) to bring electronic gadgets (including mobile phones) to camp.
  7. Young People should not bring their own knives (e.g. penknife or sheath knife).
  8. Please do not allow your child to come on camp with excessive quantities of sweets or other food. The Young People will be very well fed and there is no need for them to bring extra – a single packet of sweets as a treat would be ample.  Also note that, based on experience, chewing gum and bubble gum are banned.   The leaders reserve the right to confiscate any quantities of sweets that would be disposed of.
  9. This list is not exhaustive; equally, depending on the great British weather some items may or may not be required.
  10. The leaders cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to personal property.
  11. If you have any questions about kit, please ask one of the leaders.