The 20th St Albans Scout Group is part of the St Albans District, within the Hertfordshire County Scouts and part of The Scouting Association UK.

Our main focus is to provide both young Mulslim boys and girls and provide opportunities for young Muslims between ages 6 to 18 to gain #skillsforlife. Together,  our team of volunteers  help them take a deep breath, ignore the butterflies, and go for it, and build life skills and become community focused young Muslims.

Partnerships and Support

The 20th St Albans Ansar Scouts was formed in 2018 in partnership with Al-bayyinah School and the support of The Islamic Centre St Albans.
The partnership with Al Bayyinah is key to the growth and development of the group and is on going.

Muslim Scout Fellowship

We are also linked to the Muslim Scout Fellowship who support us with an outreach volunteer team, which provides support as well as help the group and to continue offering an exciting balanced programme intune with Islamic values. Additionally, they facilitate regional engagement days, Summer Camps, Activities, Sports and inviting leaders from the local region to a day of sharing ideas, networking, and bringing together the 98 or so Muslim Scout Groups across the country.

Our Current Group Structure as at October 2020