10,000,000 Steps to Mecca

& Help those who need our support most.

The 20th St Albans Ansar are taking the Great Community Challenge. We now have the chance to help those who need our support most during the Covid 19 Lockdown.

Over the next four weeks we are asking you to take up the 10,000,000 steps challenge, raise money for our Local Food Bank and help buy Gift Boxes for 100’s of Muslim Children in care homes and foster homes across St Albans and Hertfordshire.

This is a massive fundraising event that ties in with the Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers Our Word Challenge badge, as well as a few more.

What are we asking our group to do?

Were asking the young people to do a Sponsored walk to Mecca. A distance of   3901 miles or 10,000,000 steps from St Albans to Mecca and raise money along the way. 

Don’t worry were not asking them to walk all 10,000,000 steps but what ever they can and every step/mile they take will raise money to help local families and children in need.

Why 10,000,000 steps – well we have worked out that its 10,000,000 steps to Mecca.  Mecca is not allowing Hajj or Umra to take place so we though it would be nice to let people know how much it means to us so we will “virtually” walk there.

They don’t have to walk, they can also cycle, run – every mile will be counted and every mile will make a difference to Muslim families in St Alban.

No extra activities are or special activities additional time from you will be needed, as everyday steps will count to wards the total. 

How do we raise money?

Attached is a sponsorship form which they can use get sponsors – There is no minimum requirement for sponsorship but we suggest something like 10p per mile.  We will also set up a just giving page and let people sponsor them directly via that link.

How to keep track?

On the sponsorship form there will be a space to log the steps and miles per day.  And let your leaders know how many steps they have taken we will keep a running tally and give progress reports on how far we as a group have walked.

We will also kick start the 10,000,000 steps with a couple of Social Distanced walks, Cycle rides and hikes. We will send info on this once this has been approved by out district.

So what are you waiting for lets take the 10,000,000 step challenge.