Feb 27, 2021
Escape Room

Akela had been locked in the conservatory by a the mischievous Teddy, and had hidden the key in a jar. He had left some clues to find the key.

the clues revealed some letters that led to the location of the missing.

All he had on to help him was a phone and some beavers on the zoom call to help him escape to get his water.

Luckily 15 mins later and 9 clues later they answered all the riddles and found the key…

Mr teddy was giggling in the corner…

Todays activity was based around teamwork, and codebreaking and will count towards their skills badge.

If you would like your child to join the beavers or if you would like to be a volunteer and support young people with lifeskills please get in touch with us here

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