Mar 23, 2020
The Great Indoors

Following are a list of badges that Cubs can complete. Majority can be done independently and some may require a bit of supervision and assistance.

Feel free to choose from those that you are confidently able to carry out without additional pressure, as we are fully aware of the commitment expected for the school work they also need to complete. Having said that, there are a lot of badge activities/requirements that can be worked alongside school subjects , thus making it cross curricular too!

Good luck and enjoy!
Ibn Senna Cubs

Personal Challenge badge:
Complete the chosen activity badge & Also own personally chosen challenge.

Adventure challenge badge:
Making a mini raft
Making a hot air balloon and flying it

Activity badges:
Animal carer
Book reader
Home help
Home safety
My faith ( This is for the new starters)
Personal safety

All the badges are pretty straight forward and if you need help please message Akela via email of watsapp.

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