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Pioneering with Cubs

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You may not think it. But knots are an essential part of everyday life. We take that skill and apply to practical camping skills ready for them to be more resourceful as they get older and attend more rustic and basic camp sites. Here they were learning the age old art of lashing and flapping.

Beavers Gardening

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The last session of half term and our beavers were leaving about the environment, spring and being self sufficient.

We started off thier self sufficient lifestyles by growing some easy to grow veg. Were looking forward to harvest some delicious veg.

2021 MSF Olympics

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Another Weekend, and another set of experiences and life skills gained for our group of young Muslim scouts. This Weekend we were invited to the annual MSF south Olympics held in Lea Valley Park. Our team of 36 Athletes competed with over 2500 other young scouts to see who will win the title of sportiest group in the south… after a long day, we walked away with many badges…. but next year we will bring home the title…

Cubs football

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Our Cubs love football, they were so excited to take part in the St Albans District football tournament. 16 teams from the District came together to battle it out for the coveted Ian Woods Trophy. Unfortunately we didn’t win, but the experience has motivated them to take part next year and other competitions.

The takeaway message for our cubs was around team work and supporting each other on and off the field.