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Remberance Day 2022

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St Albans District Scouts attended the rembrance day parade, our group was represented from squirels up to exploeres, leaders, and parent helpers.

Its important for our young people to understand the sacrifices others have made for our freedom. And do understand that a united community made up all faiths and cultures need to stand side by side at times of need.

Over 70 million people died in both world war 1 and 2 and the fallen were made up of solders from all faiths.


Scouts Cafe

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The Chef badge, for scouts is about getting the scouts to think about food differently and to be able to plan, cook and serve a balanced meal.

We took it one step further and got them to cook for thier parent’s. Over two sessions they planned thier menus, divided jobs and tasks and the shopping on a Ā£10 budget.

On session 3 they cooked and parents were invited to be our tasters.

Tracking Beavers

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Our beavers like wandering around the woods forests and fields. But how do we keep track of them. We we teach them centuries old tracking techniques, how to set them and how to read them..

Applications are still open to join our waitlist to join the beavers and squirels If you would like your child to join the lodge and dream and develop life changing skills please sign up on the registration page.

Pioneering with Scouts

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Getting back to basics with a spot of survival skills, focusing on pioneering projects. In this session the challenge was to build a catapult with oversized bamboo canes and twine. Simple. This is how they got on.

Applications are still open to join our waitlist to join the Scouts. If you would like your child to join the patrol and develop life changing silkies please sign up on the registration page.