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Confidence Building

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Scouting is about empowerment and setting skills which help develop thier confidence and leadership skills. We like to start them early. In this cubs session we dedicated the whole session to games and activities they wanted to share with each other. Each cub had to pick a game, explain how to play and supervise the game.

SOS with Scouts

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SOS or first responder skills vital for everyone to know and be confident to use. Luckily one of our parents is a doctor and was on hand to talk the scouts through the diffrent stages of first responder. First we start with assessment and awareness.

Pioneering with Cubs

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You may not think it. But knots are an essential part of everyday life. We take that skill and apply to practical camping skills ready for them to be more resourceful as they get older and attend more rustic and basic camp sites. Here they were learning the age old art of lashing and flapping.

Beavers Gardening

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The last session of half term and our beavers were leaving about the environment, spring and being self sufficient.

We started off thier self sufficient lifestyles by growing some easy to grow veg. Were looking forward to harvest some delicious veg.