Oct 8, 2022
Tracking Beavers

Our beavers like wandering around the woods forests and fields. But how do we keep track of them. We we teach them centuries old tracking techniques, how to set them and how to read them..

Applications are still open to join our waitlist to join the beavers and squirels If you would like your child to join the lodge and dream and develop life changing skills please sign up on the registration page.

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Jan 25, 2020
Beavers In Tents

25 Jan 2020: It was sleepover and adventure time for the Ibn Battuta (Beavers) group on the weekend of 25 Jan. 

Spending a night at the district camp HQ, it was the first time many of the 10 beavers had spent time away from their parents. But they were far too busy to be missing home with games, marshmallow roasting and stories aplenty keeping them occupied. 

Beavers helped setup and then tidy away their tents. An experience to help get them ready and primed for the outdoor camps that lay ahead đŸ™‚

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