Oct 30, 2022
Whats different…

As a predominately Muslim scout group were often asked whats different about your sessions/meeting.

We do scouting, in all the traditional sense but we add little elements that our leaders and young people relate to. While we still have a traditional opening ceremony for all sections, the grand howl, patrol ceremony we always start with a big Bismillah and sura fateha for all sections from squirels to explorer’s.

We also try and bring in an Islamic perspective on the life skills we teach based on the Spiritual Development Guides produced by the Muslim Scout Fellowship.

We also provide a provision for prayers if they fall during our sessions and activites off and on site including camp.

To find out more, recive our newsletter, become a volunteer leader or to sign up your child please head over to the contact.

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Oct 8, 2022
Pioneering with Scouts

Getting back to basics with a spot of survival skills, focusing on pioneering projects. In this session the challenge was to build a catapult with oversized bamboo canes and twine. Simple. This is how they got on.

Applications are still open to join our waitlist to join the Scouts. If you would like your child to join the patrol and develop life changing silkies please sign up on the registration page.

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Oct 6, 2022
Night Hike

The Al Fihri explorers ventured out for a brisk sunset and night hike putting thier map reading skills and navigation into practice.

A short 5k hike around st albans, was welcomed by a nice sweet hot chocolate.

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Sep 6, 2021

The are you brave enough camp for scouts in gilwell. A short camp which threw our scouts into the wilds back fields of Gillwell, the home of scouting.

Staying in traditional bell tents and cooking thier own meals and taking in the life of the great outdoors.

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Feb 22, 2020
2 years and counting

The 20th Ansar family came together for a 2nd Anniversary Jamboree on the 6th of Feb. The occasion marked two years since the 20th Ansar started.

Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and parents come together at the HQ in Marlborough Pavilion. Games, food and an outdoor fire (much needed as it was rather chilly!) were set up to keep all entertained.

We hope and pray that the 3rd year of the Ansar sees continued progress, further members and even great memories iA!

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