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Scouts Knots & Catapults

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Continuing to work towards the Survival Skills Activiy Badge, the Ibn Firnas (scouts) had a session working with knots and catapults; providing them with an increasing range of skills for the outdoors.

Scouts Outdoor Survival Skills

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The Ibn Firnas (Scouts) group were given an initiation into how to build, make and control a fire. Given some cotton and fire making flint, the members were shown how to create the fire in adherence to strict health and safety measures. This session was an important contribution to the Survival Skills Activity Badge.


IWARC 2020 (Air Rifle)

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March 2020- The Ian Woods Air Rifle Competition (IWARC) annual Air Rifle competition was held on 7th March at Tolmers Camp and attended by a number of groups from the St Albans district.

This was only the 2nd time the Ibn Firnas (Scouts) had taken part and they made a significant improvement from the year before finishing in a respectable 10th place.

Congrats to the 4th St Albans group who took home the trophy for the 3rd year running. Next year – the 20th Ansar will be gunning for the top awards!