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Muslim Scouts in St ALbans Hemel and Hatfeild

Cubs & Scouts Protecting the NHS

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We are so proud of all the young people in our group and we have seen a lot great community iniatives taking part across the city.

A big well done goes out to Safa Kareem (Scout Section) and Sara Kareem (Cub Section) who at the begining of the pandemic reacted and responsed to the lack of PPE for our health service. PPE is short of Personal Protective Community.

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Fun in the mud!

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Pursuit of the Gardening and Outdoor activity badges were the perfect excuse for the Cubs to get down and dirty in the mud at a local Community Garden! The cubs learnt about gardening tools, lit a fire and then went about getting as messy as possible! Our leaders continue to find creative ways to pursue badges in the most enjoyable ways.

The Entertainer Badge

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13th and 20th Feb: As part of the Entertainer badge, the Ibn-Sena (Cubs) were split into groups and tasked with coming up with a short play and song to perform in front of the whole group.

The exercise was covered over 2 sessions to give the teams time to plan, practice and then deliver the final performance.

Groups were given an ‘Enchanted Forest’ theme to base their play on and were supported by the older Scouts group.

As you can expect, there was a lot of fun and creativity at these sessions with all members/leaders having a great time.

56 Activity Badges and counting.

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A busy term of activities always means a lot of badges to be awarfed. At our session on 3 October 2019. 17 Cubs were awarded 56 badges between them. Including a challenge badge award.