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Hot Chocolate on an open fire.

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The 20th Ansar Cubs were tasked with starting a small camp fire to make lovely hot chocolate. They learnt the basics of lighting a fire using basic material, kindling, cotton wool and a flint. After a little coaching the young cubs managed to get a small fire going long enough to boil some milk and make a well deserved hot warming hot chocolate.

If you would like to find out more about the 20th Ansar scouts and get your children invloved get in touch here. We have a few spaces available for our next intake in January. 



The Cubs Cook off Challenge

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Today the Ibn Sena Cub pack experienced what cooking is like for those who don’t have much. We discussed their weekly meals and asked them how they would feel if they did not have the luxury of different meals each day and the problems facing children of their age who just have basic means to cook.

We gave them a pan, a small stove and some raw ingredients so they could create some simple yet nitrous food. The ingredients we gave were red lentils, flour, water, pasta, tinned chick peas, and some larder options.

over 30 minutes they made dhall, chickpwa curry and pasta and tomato sauce, and topped it off with flat bread.

This session demonstrated that we are citizens of the world and we should have an understanding of how others in the world live. And that our help and support though charity and donations do help those in need.

Join the adventure. If you would like your children to join the adventure and gain #skillsforlife sign up here.

56 Activity Badges and counting.

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A busy term of activities always means a lot of badges to be awarfed. At our session on 3 October 2019. 17 Cubs were awarded 56 badges between them. Including a challenge badge award.

MSF Summer camp 2019

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What a great start to the summer, a weekend of camping extravaganza at Paccar Scout Camp with The Muslim Scout Fellowship. Three days of activities and adventure.