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Cubs session highlights

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2 years and counting

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The 20th Ansar family came together for a 2nd Anniversary Jamboree on the 6th of Feb. The occasion marked two years since the 20th Ansar started.

Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and parents come together at the HQ in Marlborough Pavilion. Games, food and an outdoor fire (much needed as it was rather chilly!) were set up to keep all entertained.

We hope and pray that the 3rd year of the Ansar sees continued progress, further members and even great memories iA!

The Entertainer Badge

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13th and 20th Feb: As part of the Entertainer badge, the Ibn-Sena (Cubs) were split into groups and tasked with coming up with a short play and song to perform in front of the whole group.

The exercise was covered over 2 sessions to give the teams time to plan, practice and then deliver the final performance.

Groups were given an ‘Enchanted Forest’ theme to base their play on and were supported by the older Scouts group.

As you can expect, there was a lot of fun and creativity at these sessions with all members/leaders having a great time.

Beavers In Tents

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25 Jan 2020: It was sleepover and adventure time for the Ibn Battuta (Beavers) group on the weekend of 25 Jan. 

Spending a night at the district camp HQ, it was the first time many of the 10 beavers had spent time away from their parents. But they were far too busy to be missing home with games, marshmallow roasting and stories aplenty keeping them occupied. 

Beavers helped setup and then tidy away their tents. An experience to help get them ready and primed for the outdoor camps that lay ahead 🙂

Muslim Scouts St Albans 20th Ansar

A year in review… the Ansar Scouts way

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2019 was our second year as a Scout Group. We started with 10 cubs and 8 beavers. We ended the Year with 24 Scouts in our Scout Troop, 24 Cubs and 16 Beavers.

We awarded 230 badges this year, and extremely proud two have been able to award our first Chief Scouts Bronze award to a beaver who has been with us from the start.

Our group went on a winter camp to Gillwell and attended the Muslim Scout Fellowship Summer camp.

our scouts, beavers, and cubs learnt how to cook on a budget, cook on a open fire, made their own ovens, baked cakes, helped the community by picking litter up from the park and street around HQ and fleetville.

its been a busy year… thank you to all for your support and help.

2019 The Ansar Scouts Way

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