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Akela talks you through how to make a den for indoor adventures. For all sections from Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers.

Some simple rules:

  1. Be safe
  2. Use what you have at home
  3. have fun and be creative.

So you want to join the adventure then let’s begin:

To register for a place on in the beavers, cubs or scouts please click here.

We When filling out the form please tick the box which says “Are you interested in the 20th St Albans Ansar Scout Group

Our admissions are managed by St Albans District and we will get in touch as soon as possible. We currently have a waitlist, however, if you are able and willing to mentor, coach and help our young people as part of scouts we can fast track you eager beavers, cubs, scouts.

Please email if you would like to talk about being a volunteer member of our group or have any questions joining the scouts.

Here are some simple ideas for indoor dens:

St Albans Community Muslim Volunteers

Where’s the Chairman…

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So we all know the game Wheres Wally… here is the Ansar Version of the game can you find our chairman in the picture.

Muslim Scouts in St ALbans Hemel and Hatfeild

Cubs & Scouts Protecting the NHS

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We are so proud of all the young people in our group and we have seen a lot great community iniatives taking part across the city.

A big well done goes out to Safa Kareem (Scout Section) and Sara Kareem (Cub Section) who at the begining of the pandemic reacted and responsed to the lack of PPE for our health service. PPE is short of Personal Protective Community.

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The Great Indoors – contd.

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Following are a list of badges that Cubs can complete. Majority can be done independently and some may require a bit of supervision and assistance.

Feel free to choose from those that you are confidently able to carry out without additional pressure, as we are fully aware of the commitment expected for the school work they also need to complete. Having said that, there are a lot of badge activities/requirements that can be worked alongside school subjects , thus making it cross curricular too!

Good luck and enjoy!
Ibn Senna Cubs

Personal Challenge badge:
Complete the chosen activity badge & Also own personally chosen challenge.

Adventure challenge badge:
Making a mini raft
Making a hot air balloon and flying it

Activity badges:
Animal carer
Book reader
Home help
Home safety
My faith ( This is for the new starters)
Personal safety

All the badges are pretty straight forward and if you need help please message Akela via email of watsapp.

Muslim Scouts St Albans

The Great Indoors

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The Great Indoors – So scouting life is all about the great outdoors – but sometimes we need some skills on surviving the Great Indoors. Scouts HQ have developed a range of activities to do indoors. Our leaders have also developed some activities that will be specific for each section.

All you need to do is click this link here

Muslim Scouts St Albans